César Granados

   Percussion Day



Timbales (Pailas) are played while standing. They consist of chromed metal kettle covered with plastic coating and several Small Percussion Instruments like Cymbal, Cowbells and Woodblock, mostly connected with Timbales-Set. They are played with two Timbales-Sticks, which are exceptionally thinner as Drum-Sticks and a same remaining an average mesurement of 1cm.

The „Timbalero“ uses several Rhythmpattern for the Instruments. This way on the Woodblock for example the Clave and at the same time on the Cowbell the Cascara is played, while the drums are featured. The get through sound of the Timbales is the Rim-Shot, which is played on the edges. Timbales is a demanding Instrument with variety always attracting again for Percussion Players.
Timbales für Anfänger
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Sa. 12:00 - 16:00 Uhr EUR 75,--
New Generation Timbales
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Sa. 12:00 - 16:00 Uhr EUR 75,--
  Hier wird speziell auf ihre Wünsche eingegangen und der Unterricht Ihrem Lerntempo angepasst. Ihren Ambitionen entsprechend, wird individuell Schwerpunke gesetzt und vertieft.
Einzelunterricht eignet sich auch besonders längerer Anreise oder mangelnder Zeit für Abendkurse.

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